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The Venus Flytrap

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Like many native species around the world, the flytrap's habitat has been shrinking and experiencing stresses from outside forces.  Due to advocates like Stanley Rehder and the North Carolina Coastal Land Trust, we are fortunate to have a few small portions of land protected to promote the survival of this highly unique plant and other native wildlife.  

The Venus flytrap is embedded in pop culture and is the official state carnivorous plant of North Carolina.  Flytrap Brewing is proud to call Wilmington home and to be associated with such an impressive member of our environment.  

Help us protect and maintain this local treasure.  The flytrap is also a popular house plant.  When making a purchase, please verify that your plant has been grown from seed in a greenhouse and was not poached from the wild.  

Our Brewery is named for the Venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant whose only native habitat in the world is within a 60 mile radius of Wilmington, NC.  The flytrap captures prey after it activates a complex system of sensors.  They are one of a very small group of plants that can move rapidly, allowing them to survive in boggy, nutrient poor soil. 

Flytrap Brewing Venus Flytrap